Caring for Dallas pets since 1946

In 1946, Dr. J. N. Holt established Holt Veterinary Clinic, the first business on the street now known as SMU Boulevard (formerly Yale Blvd). Upon his retirement in 1982, he sold the practice to Dr. David W. Baxter, who in turn recently sold the practice to Dr. Geoff K. Bratton. Dr. Bratton is only the third owner of Holt Veterinary Clinic since its founding.

Over the years, the Holt Veterinary Clinic has grown along with the city of Dallas, and we continue to serve the changing needs of our community's pets.

Our clients value the old-fashioned service and progressive care provided by Holt's doctors and staff.

Our Mission

We strive to serve both people and their pets in an environment founded upon family, progressive medicine and surgery, cleanliness, respect and continuing education -- while always advancing the human-animal bond.

Low level light therapy, or photobiomodulation, is a new form of treatment in both human and animal medicine. Laser energy causes a series of reactions in cells, which leads to a normalization of cell function. This in turn allows three important things to happen: decreased inflammation, decreased pain and accelerated tissue healing.

Many conditions have responded well to laser therapy in scientific studies:

  • arthritis and dysplasias
  • muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
  • open wounds such as lick granulomas and abscesses
  • chronic otitis (ear infections)
  • post-surgical pain
  • neck and back pain

In addition, current studies in human medicine are evaluating laser therapy's possible usage in neurologic traumas such as intervertebral disc disease.

If you have any questions or are interested in beginning laser therapy on your pet, feel free to call us or visit

Clinic Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
(by appointment)
Sun: Closed

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Dr Bratton discusses arthritis in pets on Good Morning Texas.

"You become responsible,
for what you have tamed."

 Antoine de Saint Exupery, poet