Caring for Dallas pets since 1946

As a nationally registered Heritage Veterinary Practice and a Texas Heritage Veterinary Practice, we’ve served Dallas pet owners and their companions for more than 60 years.

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Holt Credentials

How we stay at the forefront of our practice.

American Animal Hospital Association AAHA

Hospital accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) requires evaluations of more than 900 standards of care and service. Accredited practices are subject to periodic surprise inspection by AAHA auditors. Only about 12 percent of practices in North America earn and keep AAHA certification. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because Holt pets deserve nothing less.

Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice TVAP

The Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice (TVAP) promotes the highest standards of veterinary medicaine and surgery through continuing education. Participation by licenses veterinarians is voluntary, and each member must obtain a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education annually, which far exceeds the state licensing requirement of 17 hours. Commitment to this level of training helps our doctors lead the way in providing a higher quality of care for Holt pets.

Certified Veterinary Assistant CVA

We put our technicians through a process of training and certification by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. Holt technicians must pass a state examination and complete continuing education each year to maintain their certification. The level of training and experience achieved by our technicians provides outstanding support for our veterinarians and plays a critical role in quality of care for Holt pets.

Fear Free

Commitment to Fear Free visits reduces patient anxiety, improves medical outcomes and makes visits to the vet less stressful for everyone involved. Fear Free certification requires all hospital staff to obtain continuing education in behavior, as well as adaptations to facilities and hospital protocols, all intended to prevent and reduce fear response in Holt patients.