Ashley Harrison Memorial Pet Fund

The Ashley Harrison Memorial Pet Fund was established at the Holt Veterinary Clinic in conjunction with Ashley's parents, Darlene and David, for the rescue and treatment of animals in need.

Ashley was a graduate of Dallas' Ursuline academy and a senior at The University of Alabama. Tragically, her life was cut short on April 27, 2011, when tornados cut through Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ashley's beloved black lab, Mrs B., was also lost in the tornado.

Our hope is that Ashley's legacy of love and admiration of all living things can in part be carried on by her pet fund. Any donations may be made by contacting the Holt Veterinary Clinic. We are thrilled to share with you some of the animals that have been helped by Ashley’s Fund. We will continue to update this space with new cases.


Bayli, a bichon mix, suffered from an aggressive and rapidly growing mass cell tumor on her foot that required amputation for full removal. This procedure was successfully performed, and Baily returned home to enjoy an improved quality of life.

We are pleased that the Ashley Harrison Memorial Pet Fund has been able to help Baily’s family give her the help she needs.

She’s already enjoying her new nickname, “Baily the Tri-paw’d!”


Sophie is a 2 year old very sweet Chihuahua. She unfortunately managed to slip out of the house one afternoon and was hit by a car.

As a result of her adventure, she had a badly displaced fractured pelvis.

Because Sophie’s owners are retired military, they could not afford to pay for the extensive surgical repair that was needed for her pelvis.

The Ashley Harrison Memorial Fund was used not only to stabilize her from her post-accident shock, but also to pay for the orthopedic surgeon to plate together and repair her fractured pelvis.

Sophie is recovering beautifully and is expected to return to full activity soon. We are thrilled for Sophie and her parents that she will live many more happy, well-loved years!