Full-Service Clinic

We offer a comprehensive range of services for your pet, using state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff.

In the event that we believe your pet requires 24-hour care, or if you want your pet to have overnight observation, we are happy to refer you to a 24-hour facility; we do not provide 24-hour onsite staff.

  • Internal Medicine and Physical Exams +

    When your animal feels ill, our doctors use many tools in addition to a physical exam to help diagnose the cause. Important tests like blood pressure, ECG, cytology, urinalysis, blood analysis, radiographs and ultrasounds can all be performed in hospital to help make diagnosis quicker.

  • In-House & Online Pharmacies +

    Through our in-house and online pharmacies, we can provide competitively priced prescription medications, heartworm, flea and tick preventatives and shampoos, etc. for dogs, cats and other pets. Medicines purchased through our pharmacies are backed by their manufacturers, labelled for use in the U.S. and within their expiration dates. Online orders for prescriptions and foods can be shipped directly to your home at minimal cost. We can also provide medications compounded for easier administration to cats that need long-term treatment.

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  • Boarding and Bathing for Dogs & Cats +

    Dog bathing is offered Monday thru Friday by appointment. Please drop your pet off by 10:00 A.M.

    Cat bathing is done on a limited basis, so please call ahead to make an appointment. We do not have a groomer on staff.

  • Pet Vaccinations +

    Every pet has different requirements from their vaccines, depending on factors like age, health status and life style. For example, indoor only cats are not at risk for as many diseases as outdoor cats. We will customize the vaccine protocol for your pet’s specific needs.

    In addition to the core vaccines for dogs, we also have available Rattlesnake vaccine, Influenza vaccine, and Lymes vaccine which may be appropriate in special circumstances.

    For cats' safety, we use only the non-adjuvanted PureVax line of vaccinations.

  • Pet Surgery +

    Our doctors are trained to perform a wide range of surgical procedures for our patients. We offer routine spay and neuter service, as well as other soft tissue and ophthalmic procedures. Most of our orthopedic and neurosurgical cases are referred out to local veterinary specialists.

  • Pet Dentistry +

    It is important to check your pet’s mouth on a regular basis for tartar build up, fractured teeth, or bad breath. If you have questions regarding anything you observe, feel free to come in so our staff can determine what, if any, treatment is necessary.

    We offer a variety of products to maintain healthy gums and teeth. T/D by Hill’s Science Diet can be fed as a main diet or used as a treat, and helps prevent tartar buildup. We also have products like beef flavored toothpaste and toothbrushes for at home dental care.

    If your pet does need dental work, our clinic offers a full service dental cleaning using an ultrasonic tooth scaler. The teeth are also polished and fluoride is applied. Tooth extraction can be performed if necessary.

  • Microchips for Pets +

    Microchips for dogs and cats are a great way to make sure that your pet can always find its way home.

    A microchip can be placed in your animal during a routine visit or while the animal is here for a surgery.

  • Pet Eye Care +

    Both dogs and cats may be subject to eye problems at any time during their lives. These problems may range from simple irritation to permanent damage and blindness and may be caused by a wide variety of diseases.

    Initial ophthalmoscopic evaluation during a patient’s exam is the starting point. More specialized tests are available and sometimes necessary to obtain a diagnosis. These include stains to detect corneal injury, tear productions tests, and tonometry to check eye pressures.

    Patients with a history of other systemic diseases are at a higher risk of developing secondary diseases of the eye. Examples include glaucoma and cataracts in dogs with diabetes and retinal diseases in cats with hypertension due to heart or kidney disease. Problems with lack of tear production may be associated with certain breeds of dogs.

  • Laboratory Services +

    Diagnostic lab work plays an important part in pre-operative workup prior to anesthesia, as well as understanding and treating your pets when they are ill. It also provides valuable information in healthy animals to promote early detection of disease. We are able to offer many of these tests in our in-house laboratory.

    Diagnostic testing for pets includes complete blood count, chemistry analysis of the liver and kidneys, electrolyte levels, thyroid levels and much more. Certain tests are submitted to a local veterinary laboratory for testing. This laboratory also reads out cytology, histopathology, and additional testing when needed.

  • Radiography and Ultrasound +

    Radiographs are an important diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of your pet when it is not feeling well. We perform routine radiographs as well as special contrast studies for our patients. Ultrasonography can be used as an adjunct to radiography and to assess pregnancies.

  • Nutrition Counseling +

    Obesity is a very common issue for pets today and it can lead to a variety of health problems such as diabetes and arthritis. We are happy to discuss appropriate diet and feeding schedules for any stage of your dog or cat’s life. We also offer a full line of therapeutic/prescription diets for any health problem your pet may have.

  • Prescription & Premium Diets for Pets +

    We carry a range of prescription, specialty and premium diet products for a variety of dog, cat, and animal health issues. We carry prescription diet products from Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and IVD. Additional manufacturers, such as Purina Pro Plan are available through our online pharmacy for convenient and affordable home delivery. Click here to visit Holt Online Pharmacy.

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  • Comprehensive Arthritis & Pain Management +

    We offer a full range of services and treatments for your aging pet's developing arthritis or chronic pain. Every pet responds differently to pain management and must have a personalized pain management protocol developed with the help of the veterinarian.

    We offer nutritional joint supplements, prescription pain medications, cold laser (K-Laser) therapy, stem cell (Vet-Stem) procedures, and, in some instances, surgical correction (which is often done by referral).

    There are many pain medications that can be prescribed to control pain. Our in-house pharmacy stocks many of these and we often script others through human pharmacies.

    Our veterinarians will help you decide which drug, or combination of drugs, and therapies are most appropriate, safe and effective for your pet.

  • Doctor-Supervised Boarding +

    We offer heated and air-conditioned boarding enclosures for pets of all sizes. Click here to review boarding policies.

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  • Health Certificates for Interstate & International Travel +

    All interstate travel requires verification of the animal’s health and vaccination status. This is a routine office visit that may be done Monday thru Saturday. International travel requires this documentation, as well as many tests to screen for disease.

    Dr. Geoff Bratton is USDA Accredited to write an international health certificate. This process does require advance notice and potentially several weeks to complete the disease screenings.

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