Don't Stress!

Pets may form vivid memories while under stress. These memories accumulate, making subsequent similar experiences even more stressful. Stress also disrupts normal physiological and psychological states. (A stress response can include changes to respiration, heart rate, glucose levels and other body systems).

Reducing fear, anxiety and stress in our patients
          *   creates better medical outcomes,
          *   increases safety for pets and people and
          *   enhances your ability to provide at-home treatment, when needed.
Plus it makes trips to the vet easier!

We tailor both our hospital environment and staff/pet interactions to reduce anxiety.
We can help reduce patients’ anxiety by considerate adjustment of environmental factors like noise, lights, movement, and pheromones. And our interactions with pets are guided by recognizing signs of anxiety and providing gentle control to position pets for treatment.
The entire Holt Care Team is in the process of obtaining hospital-wide Fear Free Certification under the leadership of Fear Free Certified, TVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant Iris Gomez. Stay tuned – we’ll also let you know how you can participate in making your pet’s trip to the vet Fear Free!