About Our Veterinarians


All of our doctors are members of:

The Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice is an organization that promotes high standards of veterinary medicine through continuing education. Participation is voluntary and each member must obtain a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education annually, which greatly exceeds the 17 hours required by the State Board of Texas.

Through this high level of continuing education, our doctors can provide a higher quality of care for your pets.

Emergency After-Hours Treatment

The Emergency Animal Clinic is the only emergency clinic that provides us with detailed, complete records of your pet’s treatment.

This continuity of care is critical.


Clinic Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
(by appointment)
Sun: Closed
Phone: (214) 361-2834

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