Geoff Bratton, DVM

Dr. Bratton was born and raised in Dallas. He began working as a kennel assistant at Holt Veterinary Clinic while a sophomore at Highland Park High School, and he continued to work summers and holidays throughout high school and college. During his fourth year of veterinary school he completed his month-long clinical externship at Holt Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Baxter brought him on as a veterinarian in June 2003.

He is a member of the Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society, Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice, carries Vet-Stem accreditation, and is a USDA-APHIS certified veterinarian for international travel/export certificates.

He and his wife, Amy, have a border collie mix, Ranger, and cats, Puck and Annabelle. He is an avid cyclist and a passionate fan of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Texas A&M Aggies. He spends weekends off at Possum Kingdom Lake and vacations in the mountains at Eagle's Nest, New Mexico. In February 2011, his family welcomed the addition of twin boys, Ben and Steve.

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